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Security Control Panels

Security Control Panels

STDR Powertronics, Chennai, is a manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of a Security Control Panel featuring ideal and technical specifications for high security and safety for sale at a modest price.

A surveillance system’s prime focus is an alarm control panel. When a device’s security systems are turned on, it connects to the control panel and sends a notification to the user. Any home automation equipment may be activated using an alarm control panel. System for arming and disarming surveillance systems, connecting all installed elements, generating an alarm when a security perimeter is breached, and interacting with intruder alarm providers.

The mastermind of the surveillance system is the control panel. It takes the shape of a circuit board, although it might also be buried within the keypad. It gathers sensory data and transmits it to a monitoring center. If the electricity fails out, the battery within the control panel will keep the system running.

STDR Powertronics includes a plethora of Security Control Panel for safety and security. Our Security Control Panel is engrossed with various features for trouble free operation in Indian residential and commercial applications where an audible alarm is the prime requirement. STDR Powertronics ensures that our Control Panel is of prime quality, reliable and simple to install and is reasonably priced.

STDR 1000 Security Control Panel

Technical specification Inputs
  • AC Supply : 240 AC + 10%
  • Power supply: 1 amp
  • Auxiliary supply fused @1amp
  • Maximum alarm sounder O.P.: 500 mA
  • Current draw: 17 mA
  • 12V DC auxiliary supply fused
  • Bell/ Sounder
  • Internal Buzzer
  • Alarm relay
  • Key- switch operated micro controlled based design
  • Fused mains input
  • Two Alarm Zones
  • One entry / exit zone
  • One24hr/ PA zone
  • All zones latching
  • Individual Zone Indications
  • Quick set option – Part Guard
  • Automatic bell reset option : 5-25 minutes
  • Separate variable entry / exit times: 1-100 seconds
  • Alarm zones with exit follower option
  • Internal space for 6 A.H. sealed lead and battery
  • Alarm relay
  • Complies with BS 4737 requirements

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