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Magnetic Contacts

Magnetic Contacts

STDR Powertronics, Chennai, is a manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of Magnetic Contacts in distinct models for monitoring windows, doors, ceilings, grills, etc., for sale at a reasonable price.

A magnetic contact is a window or door sensor that works using a magnet and an inbuilt reed switch. Door and window sensors are frequently used in this mode of operation. The gadgets are well-known for being uncomplicated, easy-to-use, and they integrate well with surveillance systems. When an armed door is opened, magnetic contacts send a signal to surveillance or monitored tracker. They continue to protect buildings and keep privacy-related areas secure.

Magnetic contacts are used in many traditional security measures and are placed in highly visible and critical locations around the facility. Unauthorized entrance through windows, doorways, and gateways is signaled by these devices. Magnetic connections are dependable as they may be employed in several other applications. It is also possible to indicate the raising of shutters or lifting things.

STDR Powertronics offers a plethora of Magnetic Contacts for sale to control the security of restricted areas. Our Magnetic Contacts can be employed on doors, windows, or gateways of public restricted properties or places for protection. At STDR Powertronics, we ensure that our Magnetic Controls are of prime quality, engrossed with rhodium-plated roller shutter contacts for windows, doors, ceilings, and grills to control unauthorized entry at a reasonable price.

Magnetic Contacts

  • High quality permanent magnets.
  • Rhodium plated contacts.
  • Normally Closed circuit operation.
  • Defined sensitivity reed switches.
  • High impact polystyrene Moldings.
  • Solid brass wiring terminals
  • Multiple cable entry points
  • Highly immune to vibration
  • Roller shutter Contact.
  • Reeds & managers epoxy encapsulated
  • Vibration and water immune
  • Rugged construction
  • Die cast aluminium housing
  • Armoured cable protection
  • For monitoring of windows, doors, ceiling, grills, etc.,
  • Sensitivity adjustable (SE 10A)

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