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STDR Powertronics, Chennai, is a manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of various brands of UPS Inverters integrated with different volt-amperes for sale at a reasonable price.
An inverter is a small, rectangular device that is typically operated by a series of batteries or a solitary 12V or 24V cell. Gas generators, automotive engines, solar energy, and other traditional power supplies may all be used to charge these batteries.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electronic system that holds devices and appliances on during a power outage. The inverter converts the unidirectional current into a bidirectional one. In a solar panel, an inverter is among the most essential components. It’s a gadget that transforms direct-current (DC) power powered by renewable energy into ac power (AC) electricity used by the power grid.

STDR Powertronics includes a surplus of UPS Inverters brands featured with various volt-amperes for sale. We ensure that our inverters help save electricity. It can precisely manage gadgets based on market demands, which may considerably minimize energy usage and wastage in the manufacturing process. Our UPS Inverter provides a consistent and standardized power supply to charge all kinds of appliances without any outages at a reasonable price.

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