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Home UPS

Home UPS
Home UPS – STDR 600

HOME UPS - The Ultimate Power Support for your Home & Office

STDR Powertronics, Chennai, is a manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of Home UPS, fusing the 4 traits in a system: Computer UPS, Power Saver, Battery Charger, and Lighting UPS for sale at a fair price.

Electronic Power Machine

  • Microcontroller based design with DSP technology
  • PWM Sine wave Output
  • SMPS based battery Charger, Charges battery from 110V
  • Selectable Charging Current and Voltage
  • Complete OL and Short Circuit Protection with facility to run highly Inductive Loads.
  • Automatic overload reset
  • Protection against abnormal temperature rise
  • Can accept any input wave from like sine wave, Square wave, generator etc
  • Automotive low battery warning and cut off
  • Fuzzy logic Battery charging control
  • Closed loop regulated Sine wave output from no-load to full load
  • DC 3: fan (12, 24, 48V) Control on PCB

Available four in one:

  1. Lighting UPS
  2. Computer UPS
  3. Battery Charger
  4. Power Saver

Range:    12 Volts     – 400VA, 600VA, 800VA, 1KVA

                 24 Volts    – 1000VA, 1400VA, 2000VA

                48 Volts     – 2000VA, 5000VA


  • Range Available: 400VA, 600VA, 800VA/1KVA/12V, 1KVA/24V, 1400VA/24V, 2000VA/24V and 2000VA, 5000VA/48V
  • AC Input: 100 to 285V in INV mode (185 to 255 V in Home UPS mode)
  • Output Voltage Range: 225V AC nominal (backup mode)
  • Output Frequency:- 50+_0.1HZ
  • Output Wave from: Puresine Wave.
  • Transfer Time: @30m sec. in Inverter modem <10m Sec. In Home UPS mode
  • Display: LED (Mains, Inverter, Charger, O/L, B/L) (Fuse Blown, Hot Condition).
  • Battery Charge Range: 115 to 275 V AC.
  • Battery Charging Current – 8/11 Amp DC
  • Battery Boost Voltage: -13.8/14.2 Volts +-0.1V.
  • Battery Low off – 9.6 Volts+- 0.2V.
  • Overload: Trip after 10 seconds, four retries.
  • Jumper Selections: Mode, Charging Amp / Boost Voltage.


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