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Emergency Push Button

Emergency Push Button

STDR Powertronics, Chennai, is a manufacturer, supplier, and dealer of Emergency Push Button featured with unique specifications with maximum contact rating 0.5 A, 24V DC, for sale at a reasonable price.

An emergency stop push button, often known as a panic button, is a fail-safe control switch that ensures the safety of both the apparatus and the people who use it. An emergency stop switch is a protection system that allows machinery to be turned off in an accident when it can’t be turned off normally.

An Emergency push-button is used to swiftly halt the machinery when there is a danger of injury or when the workflow needs it. It’s also known as a “safety push-button switch” since it’s intended to keep people, machines, and employees safe by preventing or avoiding current threats.

The circuit of mechanical equipment is linked in parallel with the emergency stop buttons. Whenever the emergency stop button is pressed, the connection between the mechanical devices is broken, and the electricity is turned off.

STDR Powertronics includes a plethora of Emergency Push Buttons of distinct models for sale to avoid accidents. Our Panic Button is available with a maximum contact rating of 0.5 A, 24V DC, in a creamy white shade. STDR Powertronics ensures that our Emergency Push Button is of prime quality, has an elegant appearance, and is reasonably priced.

Emergency Push Button(Panic Button)

  • NC & No alarm circuit compatible
  • Contact rating 0.5 A, 24V DC Maximum
  • Colour: Creamy White

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